Healthy Lunch

Healthy lunch

Its about 260 calore…And its Japanese food 🍜🍲

Recipe given below

1 boiled egg🥚

1 piece chicken breast chicken 🐔

2 tea spoons oats oats

1 tomato 🍅

1/2 cup vegetables 🍠🥕🍄

1/2 tea spoon butter (good fat)butter 🥫

Salt (taste ur buds)

1st i boiled egg and the veg…. Take a non stick pan and give butter with chicken , add salt and black pepper after fry and also fry vegetables Then tomato slice than fry few seconds add 2 cup water after boil and cook for 2min , add egg, chicken and veg .

Believe me its really testy…. Enjoy uu food and happy dieting.